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Power Board for Wine Cellar

Function • Microcontroller for basic control of cellar.
• Wine storage temperature setting.
• Temperature control system with PTC.
• Dual operating mode (refrigerator with compressor and heater with heating element).
• Internal LED light control.
• Fan control to maintain uniform internal temperature with different operating modes.
• Door open/close control with magnetic sensor.
• Temperature unit of measure in °C or F.
• Alarm management for temperature control or prolonged door opening times.
• User interface with capacitive keys.
• Demo mode operation.
Input • Input voltage 90V - 264V (50-60Hz)
Output • Insulated output voltage 5V
• Insulated output voltage 12V
• Constant current output for LED lighting
• 1 X 10A relay output
• 1 X 16A relay output
Mechanical Dimensions • 68mm x 108mm
Standards • EN 60335-1
• EN 60335-2-24
• EN 55014-1
• EN 55014-2