We design and manufacture custom electronics


At Gitronica, a team of engineers and technicians is in charge of designing, testing and industrialising electronic boards and devices in compliance or pre-compliance with the main certification standards, in order to offer its customers a product already validated for the end markets (UL standard for North America, IMQ for Italy and Europe).

UL operates worldwide to help customers, purchasers and legislators find their way between risks and market complexity. UL strengthens confidence in the safety and sustainability of products, organisations and supply chains, helping people make smarter choices and live better. By applying scientific principles and specialist expertise, we promote responsibility criteria in the design, production, marketing and purchase of products, solutions and innovations, now and in the future. (click to see an example of UL Certification managed by Gitronica S.p.A.).

IMQ is the main certification body in Italy and a leader in Europe in conformity assessment activities (safety, quality and sustainability) for both Italy and abroad, as well as in certifications and inspections in the main industrial, service and manufacturing sectors. (click to see Gitronica’s company certification form in IMQ).