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Power Board for Air Conditioners

Function • Kit to manage machines for air conditioning of every room in power and user interface.
Input • Input voltage 190V - 264V (50-60Hz) 
• 8 opto-insulated digital inputs for dry contacts in 15VAC-6mA rms for alarm contacts and remote settings.
• 5 analogue inputs to control peripherals such as NTC 10k temperature probe sensors.
• 2 analogue inputs for pressure transducers, in voltage or current 4-20mA.
• 1 analogue input for 0-10V signals
• 12 micro-switches for control board setting.
• 1 X RS485 opto-insulated communication serial port for networked connection and towards remote user interfaces, with restart telephone connector.
• Safety class II, with functional earth
Output • 7 outputs with relays (max 10A resistive load)
• 9 triac outputs to pilot solenoid valves, loading pump, fan (maximum 1A load).
Mechanical Dimensions • 110mm x 155mm
Standards • EN 60730-1
• EN 60730-2-9
• EN 60335-2-40
• EN 55014-1
• EN 55014-2
Additional Notes • All connections are polarised, diversified and identified with screen printing
on the control unit box.