We design and manufacture custom electronics

Gaposa, Motorizzazioni Residenziali e Industriali


Gitronica has its strong roots in Guzzini Group and, after integrating its core values, in 2014 it embarked on a new business venture, pursuing a business development strategy based on the design and production of Custom Electronics in the Household Appliance, Lighting and Wellness sectors.

The advanced educational and vocational training of People, continuous technical-scientific and managerial refresher courses, and cooperation with Universities has allowed Gitronica to develop an approach geared towards project, product and production process quality, making it a provider of innovative technological solutions and an ideal partner for its customers.

This ability, along with the design expertise and manufacturing know-how gained in the sector, is reflected in a single common denominator: “Made in Italy” innovation with custom solutions for maximum performance and guaranteed reliability.

Via Virgilio Guzzini, 12
62010 Montelupone (MC) Italy

Tel: +39/0733 225211
Fax: +39/0733 225251



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